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Technology Pathway

in Ages 14-18

Cyber Security (ages 16-18yrs)


with SoLa I CAN Team

Calendar Sep 11, 2023 at 4:45 pm, runs for 18 weeks

ATTN: The Annual Membership fee is $25.00 per child and is required to register for ANY after school programs or activities with the SoLa Tech & Entrepreneurship Center. 


Cyber Security Ages 16+ Mondays (4:45pm-6:00pm)

Our daily lives have been built off the technology’s ability to connect us with our loved ones, customers, and the world at-large. But we often take security for granted. This course offers tech scholars an opportunity to learn how to defend against these cyber vulnerabilities, while competing in a national competition called Cyber Patriot.


The second half of this course is designed to prepare the Tech Scholar to take the CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification exam, a professional-level certificate that is standard in the cyber security industry. Instruction includes IT literacy, environmental and safety concepts, operating systems, software, hardware, networking, alternative technologies, security, and computational thinking. Tech Scholars utilize the skills and evolving needs of today’s modern workplace to analyze and solve problems within the IT industry.

Will run

Intro to HTML (ages 14-18 yrs)


with Jen Lashley

Calendar Sep 11, 2023 at 6:15 pm, runs for 13 weeks

ATTN: The Annual Membership fee of $25.00 per child is required to register for ANY after school programs or activities with the SoLa Tech & Entrepreneurship Center. 


Intro to HTML

Middle & High School Ages: 14-18 yrs / Mondays's 6:15- 7:30pm

What kind of website would you build? In this web development class, students create their own web pages using HTML and CSS. Students take on the role of programmers, learn about the impact of information sharing, and consider how their page content can contribute to the larger society. Students will tackle problem solving and debugging challenges while creating personal websites they can publish and share.


Coding with Drones (ages 13-18 yrs)


with Keith Parker

Calendar Sep 12, 2023 at 4:45 pm, runs for 13 weeks

ATTN: The Annual Membership fee is $25.00 per child and is required to register for ANY after school programs or activities with the SoLa Tech & Entrepreneurship Center. 


Coding with Drones

Ages 13-18 yrs / Tuesday's & Wednesday's (4:45 pm - 6:00 pm)

Program Overview

Drones in many ways are helping to define the future of commerce and entertainment. DroneCode introduces Tech Scholars to the world of drones, programming and coding. Using a combination of interactive lessons, videos, puzzles, and DIY projects, DroneCode teaches Tech Scholars to write programs that control drones. The coding activities build and reinforce STEM skills in engineering, geometry, art, math, and science. 

Course Description 

Tech Scholars learn the basics of making a drone take off, land, move in different directions, do flips and more. They'll begin by reviewing sequencing concepts as they write steps on how to make a drone fly using their own imagination. The Tech Scholars also learn to make their drones dance. The program culminates in the participants making a flying and dancing drone formation.. 


Drone command library




Conditional logic

Problem solving


What Tech Scholars Learn

Fundamental coding concepts like events, variables, conditionals, and loops

Program Parrot drones using Tynker's visual code blocks

Program your own remote control to fly the way you want to fly

Sync projects to and from the Tynker mobile app

Program drones to react to your tablet's accelerometer

Navigate drones through obstacle courses

Perform fantastic aerial stunts and maneuvers

Basic Drone Programing

1. Introduction to Tello EDU Drone Programming with DroneBlocks

This course will run you through the very basics of the DroneBlocks interface, how to connect to your Tello or Tello EDU, as well as a sneaky little introduction to loops.

2. Introduction to Tello Drone Programming

This course goes a little further with its introduction to block coding, and steps you through how to use loops, variables, and logic – crucial tools for those looking to step-up their coding abilities!


Advanced Drone Programing

3. Advanced Tello Programming with DroneBlocksLearn to fly in arcs and curves! This course teaches you to break free from simple up-down movements and adds a whole new dimension to flying.

4. Introduction to JavaScript Programming with DroneBlocks CodeThis was a favorite course in the DroneBlocks STEM Curriculum! Making the leap from block coding to line-based coding has never been so easy. DroneBlocks Code allows Tech Scholars to code their drone using JavaScript, but it’s super simple and user-friendly, giving Tech Scholars that extra confidence boost to tackle the next step in coding.

Let's Get Flying!!



Will run

In The Blender - 3D Modeling (ages 14-18 yrs)
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In The Blender - 3D Modeling (ages 14-18 yrs)


with Keith Parker

ATTN: The Annual Membership fee is $25.00 per child and is required to register for ANY after school programs or activities with the SoLa Tech & Entrepreneurship Center. 


In the Blender 3D Modeling: 14-18 yrs - Tuesday's and Thursdays 6:15pm - 7:30pm


3D modeling is becoming more and more crucial in the world as modern hardware has given rise to technologies that allow for more and more realistic graphics. The 3D modeling market was valued at approximately 13 billion dollars in 2020 and is expected to grow at 20% annually for the next few years.

Many industries can make use of 3D modeling and there are a variety of applications to use. We chose to teach Blender because it is free and very powerful, able to meet the needs of any beginner and beyond. Because the program is free, students can continue their learning even after the course has ended. It is also very popular which means that if you run into a problem, there are a lot of resources to help students solve their issue.

This course is created partly due to the popular demand from our students who have taken our pipeline of courses taking students from a complete beginner to publishing their own VR app. With the skills that you learn in this course and the VR development pipeline, students will be able to make assets and develop their own games and VR worlds with them.



Are you ready to move your Blender and 3D journey forward? This will dive into a range of techniques and topics, including 3D modeling and rendering, building scenes and characters, and bringing your creations to life through 3D Blender animation. 

Whether you’re a beginner just exploring 3D modeling and animation for the first time and looking for an intro to Blender, or you’re an experienced professional looking to refine your skills, you’ll find the lessons and exercises will help improve your abilities. 

Learn Blender 3D basics, turn your sketches into 3D models, and create amazing 3D animations of your characters. These classes are broken down into short lessons, with the support of a creative community to help you advance your skills. Students will have the opportunity to print their 3D model on a 3D printer for their final project.

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